About Obento-u.com

Welcome to my blog, I am Mitsuyo, the owner of this blog from Japan.

I had been sharing my recipes only with my friends before and I have decided to try to share them with more people who are interested in cooking.  I have a lot of hack to make cooking easy and enjoyable that I learned from my 20 years of experience running a cafe.
I believe it is very important to care about what you and your family eat everyday for home management.  It reduces the risk of diseases and expenses, and makes them feel your love to cook for them.

I hope you find my recipes interesting and want to try some for you and your loving ones.

I’d like to appreciate my future husband, Ben, who helped me to set up and manage this blog.  As being in an international relationship between Japan and the United States, it sometimes can be hard not being able to taste my food in the blog for him.  We are looking for the day we can be together and have my Obento and cooking everyday