Vichyssoise(4th of July dinner idea)

Vichyssoise(4th of July dinner idea)

COOK TIME:  30 minutes

PREP TIME: 20 minutes


Cold soup is a great idea to start dinner on a summer day.  Prepare and cool in the refrigerator the day before.

<Ingredients(for 4)>

4 Potatoes

1/2 Onion

2 TBSP Butter

200ml(1cup) Milk

200ml(1cup) Water


Salt and pepper

1 Stock Cube


  1. Cut potatoes in thin slices and soak in the water for 5 minutes.  Slice onion.
  2. Drain water from potato, stir fry with onion with butter at low heat until the ingredients until translucent.  Sprinkle salt and pepper.
  3. Add water and stock cube in 2 and cook until condensed for 5 minutes.
  4. Put 3 in a mixer and pulse for 10 seconds until smoothly combined.  
  5. Put it back in the pan and mix with milk.  Cook at low heat until boiled.
  6. Put the pan in water and ice cubes to chill, store in the refrigerator until served.

This type of food processor helps you a lot↓↓↓

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