Boiled Chicken Breast(refrigerate 3 days)

Boiled Chicken Breast(refrigerate 3 days)

Healthy low fat high protein chicken breast prep cooking.  Available to freeze with soup for stock also.

2 Chicken breast meat

Thumb size ginger(sliced)

1 Leek


2 TBSP white wine

2 Dash salt

<Cooking Instruction>

1. Put all the ingredients and seasonings in a pan that well fits and pour water above them.

2. Heat at medium heat with a lid until it gets boiled, then turn off the heat and leave until it cools down to the room temperature.

3. Store in the refrigerator in the plastic storage bag or container with soup.


For salad rip the meat in thin and mix with vegetable.

For sandwiches slice.

For noodle topping.