Danish cinnamon rolls

Danish cinnamon rolls

Recipe for danish cinnamon rolls with almond and cinnamon fillings.

<Ingredients for bread>

125g(4.2 oz) Bread flour

125g(4.2 oz) All purpose flour

140ml(0.3 pints) Milk

7g(1/2 TBSP) Yeast

25g(1 1/2 TBSP) Sugar

4g(1 TSP) Salt

20g(1/2 oz)Non salted butter

100g(4oz) Non salted butter for laminating

1. Put sugar and yeast on top of bread and all purpose flour in a large bowl, salt on side.  Pour room temperature milk and melted butter, mix until the dough gets moisturized with rubber spatula(I use long chopsticks for cooking).

2. Knead the dough for 10 minutes with hands, place it in a warm place until the dough becomes double.

3. Push the dough lightly to release gas, fold it round again and chill in the refrigerator for an hour.

4. Put butter for laminating between baking paper or plastic foil and spread in 20cm x 20xm (8inch x 8inch) square shape with a rolling pin.  Keep in the freezer until use.

5. Spread the dough with rolling pin in 30cm x 30cm (10 inch x10 inch)square shape and fold the butter(4).
6. Spread it in a 40cm(15 inch) long rectangular shape then fold in three.

7. Repeat 6 three times.  Chill the dough in the refrigerator for 30 minutes each time if the butter becomes too soft.

8. Spread filling on 30cm x 30cm(12 inch x 12 inch) dough.

<Filling ingredients>

1 Egg yolk

40g(4 TBSP) Brown sugar

20g(3 TBSP) Almond powder

7g(1 TBSP) Cinnamon

20g(1/2 oz) Non salted butter melted in the microwave
9. Roll the dough tightly and cut with strings in 8 pieces.

Put the dough on the string and cross at the top and pull each side.

10. Place the dough on the baking paper and spray water.  Chill them in the refrigerator for an hour.

11. Put mixture of 1 egg yolk and 1 TBSP water with brush.  Bake at 200C(390F) for 20 minutes.


12. Let cool for 10 minutes then graze with mixture of 10g(1 TBSP) egg white and 80g(2/3 cup) powdered sugar.