Shang Hai baked dumplings with meat filling

Shang Hai baked dumplings with meat filling

Good local Chinese dumplings baked at the bottom and fluffy at top.

<Ingredients(24 x 5cm(2 inch) dumplings)

Dough :

400g(2 3/4 cup) All purpose flour

40g(1 1/2 TBSP) Sugar

4g(1 TSP) Salt

10g(2 TSP) Vegetable oil

10g(1 TBSP) Baking powder

6g(1 1/2 TSP) Yeast

220ml(1 cup) Water

Fillings :

200g Pork ground meat

1/2 Onion

1/2 Leek

Thumb size Ginger

2 Mushrooms

1 TBSP Oyster sauce

1/2 TBSP Soy sauce

1 TBSP Cooking wine


Salt & pepper

1 TSP Chicken stock powder



1. Put all the ingredients for dough except water in a large bowl.  Pour water on the ingredients and mix with rubber spatula until the dough gets moisturized.  Knead for 5 minutes until the surface becomes smooth.

2. Cover the dough with wet towel and place in the warm place for about an hour until the dough becomes double size.

3. Chop onion, leek, ginger and mushrooms and mix with pork meat and seasonings.

4. Divie the dough in 24 and fold in a round shape.  Keep them under wet towels while spreading each dough.  First press the dough with palm lightly.

5. Spread from the center to the edge, turn the dough 90 degrees, repeat the process until it becomes 10cm(4 inch) diameter round flat shape.  The edge should be very thin as later you will fold at the edge.

6. Put 1 TSP fillings on the dough.  Pleats the dough and twist at the top to fold the fillings.

7. Put oil in the pan and place the dumplings.  Heat at medium temperature.

8. Pour water up to 1cm(1/2 inch) from bottom when the bottom becomes brown, cover with a lid and cook until the water evaporates.

9. Dip some soy sauce+vinegar or mustard.

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