Lemon chicken sandwich bento

Lemon chicken sandwich bento

Sandwich of sauteed lemon flavored chicken breast.


Caroot rapees

Honey marinated pink grapefruits

1 Chicken breast meat

2 slices Bread



Salt & pepper

1 TBSP flour

1 TBSP Olive oil

2 TBSP Lemon juice



1. Slice chicken in 1/2 inch thick and sprinkle salt and pepper.

2. Put flour in a plastic bag and put the meat, then tie the bag and shake to flour the meat.

3. Put olive oil on the pan and cook 2 at medium heat until golden brown.

4. Splinkle lemon juice over the meat and cook until the juice becomes condensed.

5. Toast bread and spread mayonnaise and mustard.

6. Put bread on the plastic foil and put lettuce and chicken on it.

7. Fold them tightly with the plastic foil and leave for 10 minutes.  Cut half with the foil on.